In terms of making the MVP, which is a crucial part for us as we believe branding will be a key factor for success,  we had a cylinder shaped bottle in mind. The cylinder bottle idea originated from VOSS Water, which is a luxury water made in Norway. The design was to be simple, yet effective, as we want HYPE. to be placed in the isle together with juices and smoothies where it would look like a misplaced energy drink. We are convinced that this strategy will work. However, we still need to test this hypothesis, which we will.

Anyways, we have three designs. One actual bottle, one paper prototype, and a graphical design of the paper prototype. What we should and will do now is to test if the design is well received among our target group, the youth.

The clean-cut image with the cylinder shape gives it a touch of exclusivity. The black foundations is to stimulate for curiosity and a more rock ‘n’ roll design than juices/smoothies have, but the logo and its green color says “fresh and fruity/natural/nutritious. “Drink your greens” is the new “Eat your greens”.

MVP Test – Summary

Some 10-12 students were asked at school (from our target group) about what they could say about the bottle, and the content of it as we gave it to them after a class. We would listen to their response, but had to push them a bit to say more. Most were very brief in their answers. We did not ask questions directly, but would say things like “and content?” “and point of purchase?” to stimulate for more feedback.

  • Of all people we asked they thought it was an energy drink, and some also guessed that it had vitamins and minerals (the name was a factor for some to say energy drink, while others didn’t notice the name at first)
  • Most connected it with sports and youth
  • The simplicity of the design was found to be appealing.
  • Point of purchase was divided between those asked. Some of the guesses were sports stores/nutrition stores, grocery store, vending machine, and specialty stores (such as Santiveri)
  • Few said something about taste, but it was mentioned that it was “fizzy” probably gave a refreshing kick/boost.
  • They all liked that it had a lid as opposed to energy drinks, where once the can is open you cannot close it again.
  • No one commented on the size of it (0,33) as opposed to smaller/bigger in terms of preferable serving size

hype MVP test

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