the 5 Why’s.

During the past week we did several brief interviews asking a bunch of WHY’s. Just as we got some of our hypothesis confirmed, we also stumbled upon some valuable issues an topics we need to think about.

WHY HEALTHY? For a beverage to be considered heathy, it needs to have vitamins. Minerals were not mentioned by anyone. Once again, we encountered that people see water as a healthy beverage, but that doesn’t really provide anything. When asked about why they drank water it was because when they wanted to stay hydrated.

WHY LABELS? It was important that the bottle stated explicitly that it had vitamins in it if they were looking for a healthy alternative. That made it easier to choose healthy as they believed the statement. Also, the 100%-certification was believable. Some also read labels when they purchase/try new beverages. As a result, we will state explicitly that HYPE has vitamins in it on the bottle/packaging.

WHY FLAVOR? A healthy beverage should taste like fruit/berries because it gives the sensation/feeling of healthiness and vitamins, and that it served as a “guarantee” for getting the nutrients that they wanted.

When it comes to additives, the people were split in their view on aspartame and sweeteners to make it taste good. Some were ok and didn’t care, while others had their doubts on artificial sweeteners. However, they all preferred aspartame over sugar.

Most said that they preferred taste over content, so healthiness of a drink was a bonus.  Most used drinks as a thirst quencher.

WHY NO BEVERAGE? None used any drink just to get vitamins and minerals. That was because they didn’t look at beverages as a source of it. Vitamins and minerals were found in foods. So when we asked if that was convenient the vast majority said no. Those who said yes had someone cooking for them (lived at home). When we asked further on how they then got their vitamins most said that they really don’ t think about getting their vitamins at all.

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